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Barcode Hang Tags that are Compatible with Your existing Inventory Systems
Your custom printed barcode hang tag will be made to your specifications. Paper barcode hang tags or Plastic barcode hang tags are available depending upon your needs. We can design your barcode inventory tags, identification tags, security tags, valet tags, etc. for you so you can maximize the benefits of your existing barcode systems.

Custom Barcode Hang Tags can save You Time and Money
These custom printed barcode hang tags can be made to your liking. We help you choose just the right tags material for your specific application. Your custom barcode hang tags can be printed with most bar code symbologies including: Code 39, Code 128, UPC, Codabar and others.

Below are some Examples of Actual Custom Printed Barcode Hang Tags we have made.
So, if you don't see what you are looking for, don't worry, we can custom make just about any barcode hang tag you need - just call us or select one of the items below and Click the Request Quote button and we'll be happy to give you an estimate!

Barcode Hang Tags
Unit of Measure
Barcode Hang Tags BCT-1399
Custom Printed Barcode Hang Tag
Barcode Hang Tags (BCT-1400) BCT-1400
Custom Printed Barcode Hang Tag
Barcode Waterproof Hang Tags (BCT-1401) BCT-1401
Custom Printed Waterproof Barcode Tag
Barcode Valet Hang Tags (BCT-1402) BCT-1402
Custom Printed Barcode Valet Ticket Tag
Barcode Warning Hang Tags (BCT-1403) BCT-1403
Custom Printed Barcode Warning Hang Tag
Barcode Waterproof Tags (BCT-1404) BCT-1404
Custom Printed Barcode Green Chain Waterproof Tag
Barcode Inventory Hang Tags (BCT-1405) BCT-1405
Custom Printed Barcode Inventory Hang Tag
Barcode Autopsy Hang Tags (BCT-1406) BCT-1406
Custom Printed Barcode Autopsy Hang Tag
Barcode Valet Hang Tags (BCT-1407) BCT-1407
Custom Printed Barcode Valet Ticket Tag
Barcode Valet Mirror Hang Tags (BCT-1408) BCT-1408
Custom Printed Barcode Valet Mirror Hang Tag Ticket
Barcode Control Hang Tags (BCT-1409) BCT-1409
Custom Printed Barcode Control Hang Tag
Barcode Testing Hang Tags (BCT-1410) BCT-1410
Custom Printed Barcode Testing Hang Tag
Unit of Measure