• All Purpose Marking Tags

    In stock retail hang tags and labels for all your merchandise price marking needs including:

    • Price Tags for Retail Stores
    • Sale Tags for Retail Stores
    • Lay Away Tags
    • Alteration Tags
    • Repair Tags
    • Merchandise Tags with String or Unstrung
    • Sale Price Sticker Labels for Retail Stores
    • Blank Paper Tags, Shipping Tags, and Tyvek Tags
    • Blank Door Knob Tags and Rear View Mirror Tags

  • Standard Tagging Guns

    Tag Guns and Nylon Tag Fasteners

    Tagging guns and tag fasteners of all kinds for you to easily attach your tags to all of your store and inventory products. Select from two standard tag guns for use with most garments and apparel, and two fine fabric tag guns for more delicate fabrics. We also can supply you with standard and fine fabric nylon tag fasteners in various lengths. The tag gun needles will wear out or get damaged over time, so keep some spare replacement needles just in case.

    Nylon Loop Locks for Tags

    For products where a tag gun will not work, please consider our nylon loop locks in assorted lengths. They are simple to use, just wrap the loop lock around your product, insert the tip end into the barrel end until it clicks into the locked position. Once locked in, you cannot pull it back out making for a secure tag fastener.

    Tag Wire, String, and Metal Tag Fasteners

    Some products may require a wire, string, or metal fastener. For those products we have available 12” cut wires and strings, both in bundles of 1,000. Metal key rings, diamond hooks, and oval hooks complete our line of tag fasteners that you may need.