Blank door knob and mirror hang tags are available in assorted sizes and colors as shown...colors are only approximate. Blank mirror and door tags can be printed by laser printer, hand marking with pencil, ball point pen, or permanent marker, or stick a label to them. They include a round die cut hole with a slit to the edge to easily slip over a rear view mirror or door knob.

Door knob and mirror hang tags are perfect for when you need a quick and easy way to leave a message or notice that is easily visible.

Unit of Measure


Package Type

N/A Box

Units Per Package

N/A 1000


N/A 3 1/4 inches


N/A 8 1/2 inches


N/A 10pt Paper Tag

Ink Color

N/A No

String Options

N/A No


N/A Manila

Knife Slit

N/A No


N/A 1


N/A No

Button Slot

N/A No

Top Clipped Corners

N/A No

Reinforced Hole

N/A No

Weight Per Unit

N/A 9.50 lbs