Thermal transfer and direct thermal labels & tags for a variety of uses. Whatever your requirements are - we can help. We can supply you with your own custom made and printed thermal tags & labels which are compatible with all thermal label printers. We can also supply ribbons too!

Tags for Data Systems
The use of Data Systems are very popular today with numerous Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal systems available. We manufacture custom Thermal Transfer Tags and Labels, as well as Direct Thermal Tags and Labels, that work with all the name brand systems. Choose from many different materials...paper or synthetic...available for your specific application.

How Can I Tell if My Tag is Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal?
The basic difference between the two is that Thermal Transfer Tag & Label materials utilize a ribbon within a printer in order to transfer an image onto the surface of the material. Direct Thermal Tag & Label materials are imaged by heat activation of the print head. This material is chemically treated to be heat sensitive. Note: Direct Thermal Tags & Labels may also be called Thermal Direct Tags & Labels.

A Simple Test to Tell What Type You Have
A simple test to determine the type of material you currently use is to apply a very quick heat source, like a match or lighter, directly to the surface of the material. If it is a Direct Thermal Tag or Label material, it will turn black almost immediately...if it doesn't turn black at all, then it is a Thermal Transfer Tag or Label material and will require a ribbon.

How About Thermal Transfer Ribbons?
We can also supply you with the exact type and size of Thermal Transfer Ribbons to perfectly match your printer and material. It's best to let us know the make and model of your thermal transfer printer so we can suggest the best ribbon for your application too.

We're Here to Help!
All you need to do is tell us the specifics of your Thermal Transfer Tag & Label or Direct Thermal Tag & Label application, and we'll do the rest!
Unit of Measure



N/A 3 1/8 inches


N/A 1 5/8 inches