Custom Printed Multi-Part Tags Typically Contain Between 2 and 5 Total Ply's
They are available with NCR paper top ply's and either white or manila tag backs or with colored bond top ply's, then carbon interleaved, and a colored tag back. Since they are custom made to order, just let us know what you need and we'll be happy to help!

Multi-Part Tags for Duplicate Copies
Multi-Part Tags - or Manifold Tags - are a perfect solution when you need to easily and quickly create multiple copies for tracking and auditing purposes or simply for a quick duplicate of any type of transaction.
Simply fill out the multi-part tag with your required information and easily tear away the top, or multiple copies, for your receipt or file copies. The tag portion with the duplicate information then remains on the product for the purpose of Warehouse Tags, Shipping Tags, Tracking Tags, Inventory Control Tags, Repair Tags, Asset Tracking Tags, and more!

We're here to Help!
All you need to do is tell us the specifics of your Custom Printed Multi-Part or Manifold Tag, and we'll do the rest!

Below are some Examples of Actual Custom Printed Multi-Part Tags we have made.
So, if you don't see what you are looking for, don't worry, we can custom make just about any multi-part tag you need - just call us or select one of the items below and Click the Request Quote button and we'll be happy to give you an estimate!

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Multi-Part Hazardous Condition Tags
4-Part Multi-Part Notice of Hazardous Condition Tag
Multi-Part Product Repair Tags (MLT-1548)
3-Part Multi-Part Product Repair Tag
Multi-Part Warning Tags (MLT-1549)
3-Part Multi-Part Warning Tag
Multi-Part Reject Tags (MLT-1550)
2-Part Multi-Part Reject Tag
Multi-Part Custom Safety Warning Tags (MLT-1551)
Custom 4-Part Multi-Part Safety Warning Tag
Multi-Part Quality Assurance Tags (MLT-1552)
Custom 2-Part Multi-Part Quality Assurance Tag
Multi-Part Custom Water Well Tags (MLT-1553)
Custom 2-Part Multi-Part Water Well Tag
Multi-Part Inventory Tags (MLT-1554)
Custom 2-Part Multi-Part Inventory Tag
Multi-Part Production Move Tags (MLT-1555)
Custom 4-Part Multi-Part Production Move Tag
Multi-Part Inventory Tags (MLT-1556)
Custom 3-Part Multi-Part Inventory Tag
Multi-Part Damaged Repair Tags (MLT-1557)
Custom 2-Part Multi-Part Damaged Repair Tag
Multi-Part Hot Work Permit Tags (MLT-1558)
Custom 3-Part Multi-Part Hot Work Permit Tag
1 - 12 of 12 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure